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So I don’t typically share what I write, but I just feel like the blogging world is a safe place. (:


I’m afraid.

I admit it.

And I don’t want to let go of that fear

because the last time I did,

heartbreak came and pushed meĀ into a sea of pain and despair.

I felt like I’d been throttled full blast into the depths of hell.

I hate that pain.

So I’ll stay afraid.

I don’t even want to ask to find out where your heart lies.

And I sure as hell don’t want to assume and make an ass out of you,

well, pretty much just me.

I can’t even fully admit to myself that I want you for fear that

that admission would just pay my admission back into that sea of hell

so I remain afraid.

In my mind,

fear is better than pain,

hope is better than rain,

so I’ll remain silent.

If things never change so be it.

I’ll be fine alone.

Maybe a little crazy,

and at times, a little lonely,

but I’ll be just fine alone.